Things I'm Eating: Ikura Toast / by Kamala Puligandla


  • walnut bread, well-toasted
  • yogurt, european style
  • ikura aka salmon roe

Back in 2009, my family when to visit my sister Maneka in St. Petersburg, where she was stuyding abroad. Her host mother, Nina, invited us over one evening and, along with some vodka, pickled herring and plof, gave us a piece a bread that was smothered in butter and then covered with salmon roe on top. Maybe it was because it was just layer upon layer of fat and it was so salty and the weather was so cold outside, but this was one best things I've ever eaten. This year, after my family's Japanese new year celebration, we had some leftover ikura and I decided to make my own version. The walnut bread adds a crunch and if you toast it for a while (okay, to near-blackened) you get a nice touch of bitterness. I like yogurt because it's silky but also slightly tangy, and these beautiful, oily pouches need something to contrast with.