Things I'm Reading: The Bigness of The World by Lori Ostlund / by Kamala Puligandla

On Tuesday I went to Green Apple on the Park to see Lori Ostlund read at the re-launch of her first story collection The Bigness of the World. I made the idiot mistake of leaving the book at the bar where I went afterwards, but I started reading yesterday and it has swallowed me up. I'm 117 pages in, and rapt with each of her narrators. They're all slightly varied versions of each other, with sharp wit, unrelenting observations, and tough exteriors attributed to her Midwestern upbringing. My friend Katherine says Lori once described this book as "precocious children, and lesbians traveling places and breaking up," which is not an untrue summary. The bigness in the world that we see, includes both the charming, loving and intimate as well as the thoroughly devastating--it's an unfair world where we can catch unmistakable moments of beauty, but not without paying for them.