Things I'm Eating: Yogurt / by Kamala Puligandla

I'm a huge fan of Straus Whole Milk yogurt for its mild tang, silkiness and versatility--I put it on salads, in my oatmeal, over rice, with beans, on toast, in my biscuit recipe. Last week, I went over to my parents' house and my mom's friend, Donna, watched somewhat warily as I spooned it over a chopped up beet with salt, pepper and mint. Since before I was born, my dad has been loyal to a yogurt brand called Pavel's, which features an Eastern European milk vendor on its container, and is a less runny, more gelatinous consistency. We have eaten this yogurt with our Indian food for as long as I can remember. I wanted to introduce a new yogurt to their fridge, and so I decided if I made it, as my parents, they wouldn't be able to turn it down. 

That's how I got my mom to re-engage in her college hippie days with me--for those in the know she is also an Obie, with the distinction of being the Head Tofu-Maker at Harkness. We followed these incredibly simple directions on Serious Eats, poured the Straus-inoculated milk into mason jars, and then wrapped them in the heating pad my mom uses to relax her shoulders. Nine hours later it was set. I have to stir it to get that smooth texture, but it's delicious, and now I get twice as much yogurt from my Straus. I offered to leave some for my parents, who politely turned me down, but I'm not even mad, more for me.